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Five new ways to fight sun damage – Superdrug
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Five new ways to fight sun damage

We all know (or should know) how important SPF is if we wanna keep our skin safe in the sun, but it’s easy to see the blue sky and run out of the house without first slapping on the sun cream. The ‘ugh – do I have to?’ attitude is made worse by bad memories of being slathered in the stuff as a kid and sent on your way look like a shoddily iced cupcake. Well, let me tell ya, brands have come on leaps and bounds from the greasy thick stuff we used to know so well. Here are five new and exciting ways to fight sun damage…

collage of new SPF products

Don’t skip, spray!

So, you know that you should apply SPF to your face every day. And you know that for SPF to work, it needs to be topped up regularly. But how do you combine this with a full face of makeup? Enter Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Face Protection Mist with SPF50. This lightweight spray is perfect for spritzing over your makeup and will make sure you stay topped up on sun protection all day long.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Ambre Solaire Sensitive Face Sun Cream Mist SPF50 75ml £5.99 Buy Now

Pout protection

If you’ve ever suffered with sunburnt lips you’ll know that it ain’t no joke and it’s enough to ruin any holiday. Keep your pout protected against those rays with Piz Buin Moisturising Sun Lipstick. Apply frequently before and during sun exposure and you’re golden!

Scalp-specific SPF

Some of us have a scalp that can really suffer in the sun. This super-sensitive area is easy to overlook, especially when you reckon your only option is to spray oily/creamy/greasy SPF all over your hair. But what if we told you there was a product designed specifically for scalp protection? Say hello to Malibu Clear Hair and Scalp Protector with SPF30.

Malibu Malibu SPF30 Scalp Protector 50ml £3.99 Buy Now

Refreshing hit

It’s not much fun rubbing thick, greasy sun cream over your body when you’re already sweating buckets. What you need is a cooling formula like Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh Cooling Spray SPF30. As well as giving you all the defence you need against sun damage, it will cool down your skin with a welcome hit of freshness.

Nivea NIVEA SUN Cooling Suncream Spray SPF30 Protect&Refresh 200ml £7.49 Buy Now

Upgrade your aftercare

After a long hot day, it’s so good to spritz all over with a cooling aftersun lotion. But if you want a little more ahhh in your aftercare, get yourself Solait Shimmering Aftersun, which comes packed with an additional wow factor – GLITTER! This gorgeous formula will soothe your skin while teeny tiny shimmery bits accentuate your tan.

Solait Solait Shimmering Aftersun 200ml £3.99 Buy Now
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