From brushing your hair when it’s wet to tying your boxer braids too tight, if your hair could talk, here's what it would ask you to Stop. Doing. Now.

You brush your hair when it’s wet

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It’s a hair habit that a lot of us make. ‘But how do I get rid of the knots?’ we hear you ask. Try this instead: after washing, use Mane ’n Tail Detangler and run fingers through your hair to release knots gently. Then dry your hair with a towel, and only when it’s about 80% dry should you reach for a brush to get rid of any remaining tangles. The Denman Tangle Tamer Hairbrush helps reduce breakage with its soft nylon bristles and air-cushioned pad.

You tie your ponytail too tight

Topknots, huns, boxer braids… whatever style you’re rocking, make sure you’re not tying hair too tightly, which can pull at the roots and cause thinning, or even break the lengths. Wearing up-dos and braids consistently can exacerbate damage as you repeatedly put stress on the same areas. And those hair bobbles? They’re not your hair’s BF as they can cause breakage – hello flyaways and frizz. For hair-up days, try Superdrug Mid Hair Ties, which are made of fabric and are gentle.

You don’t use protection on your hair

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When heat styling, that is. We need to protect hair before using a hairdryer, flat iron or curling tong for two reasons. The first biggie – using a hot tool causes friction, which damages cuticle cells and causes breakage. The second biggie – heat can scorch hair, making it dry and brittle. A conditioning heat-protective spray coats your hair so the hot tool will glide over it without causing friction. We love VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray, which protects hair from heat up to 230°C and contains a nifty heat-activated complex to make styling easier and quicker. 

Your shower’s too hot

Fact: putting hair under hot water strips it of its natural oils. If you’re feeling brave (and you’ve got a nice warm towel waiting for you on the radiator), try washing your hair with cold water and see the difference. Shinier, healthier hair will be yours.

You’re not shampooing properly

Do you squeeze a dollop of shampoo into your hand and half-heartedly massage it around your hairline, then rinse in a rush cos you’re running late? Stop! Try scrubbing every part of the scalp with your finger pads (keep those nails away from your scalp) for up to three minutes. This is done in salons for a good reason: stimulation increases blood flow by bringing nutrients to the hair follicle. Always thoroughly rinse, and use those finger pads to distribute the water all over your scalp. Properly cleaned hair dries faster, has more volume and maintains a style longer – a good reason to brush up on your hair habits right now.