The first week of 2019 has been and gone and if you’re already struggling with your new year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. One of your goals might be to eat more healthily (it’s a pretty common one after pigging out all through December) and if it is, you’re probs thinking of cutting out/down on snacking. We spoke to nutritionist Ruth Tongue to find out the real deal about healthy grazing, what the benefits are and how to make the right choices.

collage of healthy snacks

‘Snacking isn’t a bad thing,’ says Ruth. ‘In fact, it can help to stabilise our sugar levels, energy, mood and hunger. It’s even been shown that people who snack regularly are less likely to overeat at meals.’ So there you have it. Snacking is OK and actually pretty good for us.

‘However, healthy snacking is different from mindless grazing,’ cautions Ruth. ‘Your body and digestive system will still benefit from having periods when it doesn’t have to use energy to digest food.’ And you obviously need to be wary of what you’re snacking on. ‘When you choose less healthy snacks, which are high in sugar, saturated fats and salt, your body uses more energy to process them.’ That’s where we come in...

Choosing the right stuff to snack on is super-important if you’re gonna stick to your healthy eating goals, and we’ve got five simple snack swaps that you can make right now. So put down the crisps, ditch the choccy bars and get yourself on the right track with these bad boys.

Pick popcorn

We all get salt cravings now and again, but instead of reaching for crisps or chips, pick the Some Body Sea Salt Popcorn. It’s a low-calorie (116 to be precise) snack that’ll satisfy our sodium needs without doing too much damage.

Mousse is a must

Ever get those times when you want something sticky, sweet and just the right amount of gloopy? We do… every month when Aunt Flo comes to redecorate. We can’t get enough of the choccy yogurts and anything with toffee or fudge in it, but if you’re looking to stay on track, that just won’t do. Get your sticky, sweet fix with LighterLife Fast Raspberry Mousse instead. It’s delicious, nutritious and just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A bar of something

You’ve hit the 3pm slump. Your eyes are drooping and you need a sugar hit asap to help get you through the day. But this is where we fall into the snack trap. Ruth tells us that ‘foods high in sugar or refined carbs will cause a quick spike in energy, followed by a dip when we feel tired and irritable, and possibly crave another pick-me-up’. To avoid this, snack on foods that are high in protein, healthy fats or fibre – the Some Body Caramel Crisp Protein Bar is defs one to keep in your snack drawer at work.

Batch-baking goodies

Can’t resist a home-cooked sweet treat? You don’t have to give them up – just switch out all the butter and sugar for a healthier recipe. Try the Strippd Protein Flapjack Mix if you want to batch bake some goodies. Simply mix the ingredients as directed on the pack, press into a baking tray and cook for 15 minutes for gorgeous home-cooked snacks that you can dip into throughout the week.

Ditch the fizz

There are people who will tell you that water is the best drink ever – which it is, for your health – but most of us like our taste buds more satisfied. Instead of reaching for fizzy drinks or sugary juices, though, go for something that’s both tasty AND healthy. Vita Coco 100% Coconut Water tastes like the tropics, it’s super-hydrating and has naturally high levels of potassium and electrolytes. Get stocked up!