Last summer, I went to my first full-on, glitter-tastic, welly-wearing festival. I was livin’ the festi-queen dream – until day two, when I emerged from my sweatbox tent, my hair matte, flat and sticking up like a troll doll’s. Yep, it was a total hair mare. And it stayed that way for five more days. If this has happened to you, read on…

This year, I hereby declare not to be defeated by a lack of shampoo and heated stylers. That’s right, I have single-handedly sussed five hairstyles that look fab with even unwashed, greasy and downright disgusting hair. The best thing? They really work.


Day 1: Loose curls

Day 1 – Loose curls

Step 1. This is the only day you can style at home, so use it wisely. Wash hair with T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo, then apply a lightweight conditioner.

Step 2. Use a heat-protection spray on your hair before blow-drying it.

Step 3. Curl your hair using a heated wand.

Step 4. Brush your hair to create loose, dishevelled cool-girl waves. Lock in the look with hairspray.

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Day 2: Hair half up, half down

Day 2 – Hair half up half down copy

Step 1. Backcomb your hair at the crown.

Step 2. Starting on the left side, take a small section of hair and plait it. Repeat on the other side. Bring plaits together at the back of the head and secure with a hair band.

Step 3. Tuck any loose strands into the plait.

Step 4. Spritz a texturising spray over the loose hair and scrunch up with your fingers.

Day 3: Fishtail plait

Day 3 – Fishtail plait

Step 1. Spray dry shampoo onto the roots and work in with a comb.

Step 2. Separate your hair into a side parting and pull all your hair forward, so it falls over the front of your left shoulder.

Step 3. Divide the hair into two equal-sized ponytails.

Step 4. Take a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left pony, fold it over the top of the left ponytail and tuck in. Repeat with the right pony. Continue to plait the hair until you come to the ends. Secure with a hair band.

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Day 4: Two Dutch braids

Day 4 – Two Dutch braids

Step 1. Create a middle parting with a toothcomb.

Step 2. Sprinkle plumping powder onto the roots and work in with the comb. 

Step 3. Pull hair forward, so it falls over the shoulders. 

Step 4. Gather a small section of hair at the top of the left side of your head and divide into three sections.

Step 5. Braid the hair, adding the rest of your hair on the left side as you go along. Secure with a hair band.

Step 6. Repeat on the right side.

Day 5: Dutch braids in buns

Day 5 – Dutch braids in buns

Step 1. For this look, we’re using yesterday’s braids. Starting with the left braid, twist it into a knot and secure with hair grips. Repeat on the right side.

Step 2. Secure the buns with lots of hairspray.