Crazy brows are nothing new. Just remember the braided, squiggle and foil creations that popped up on our Insta feeds last year. Now there’s a new brow in town, and it’s taken inspo from our scaly mates in the deep blue.

It all started when beauty mogul Huda Kuttan posted three snaps on an Instagram post of herself and two other beauty influencers rocking what she labelled fishtail brows. But all is not as it seems… their brows were, in fact, edited by @skyzeditz, an account dedicated to the art of editing.  

With every trend, fellow beauty lovers are quick to find a way to master them IRL. The secret to fishtail brows? Nope, you don’t need to reach for the razor. Fans have been pencilling in the upper half of the fishtail and hiding a section of their brow with concealer. CLEVER. Here’s our favourite fishy creations on Instagram. BIG UP NEMO.

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