The power of the brow has remained strong throughout 2017 and shows no signs of taking a back seat. And what better way to celebrate another super-successful year than with a lil festive brow art? From fairy lights to baubles, if it’s Christmas themed, we’re getting involved. Here are our top favourite festive brow looks on Insta.

Feathered brows have been doing the rounds on Insta this year, despite our shock. We think they work MUCH better when they’re made to look like the branches of a Christmas tree.

Bauble up your brows for the festive-themed work Xmas party. To get the look, start with green and red eyeshadows and add glitter. Then get creative with a liquid liner and an assortment of gems.

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Turn your entire eyebrow into Santa’s signature red and white hat? GO ON, THEN.

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Loving candy cane brows? The new take on the trend involves ‘hanging’ them over your arches.