To celebrate Radio 1's Big Weekend, happening in Exeter this Saturday and Sunday, we’re taking a look back at our fave ever performances from years gone by…

Florence + the Machine, 2015

That voice, though… we were in the mirror, hairbrush in hand, singing bellowing our hearts out for days after this performance, Flo!

Coldplay, 2014

Oh Coldplay, we do love you! There’s nothing like a tune from this band to end the night on a high, hand in hand with our BFFs.

Rita Ora, 2013

If ever there was a song to get your dance on to, it was this. And can we just mention how smokin’ Rita looks in that black tasselled catsuit.

Lady Gaga, 2011

In true Lady Gaga style, she creates the unexpected: a coffin entrance, fake baby bump and Cruella de Vil locks. And let’s not forget the PVC two-piece…

Madonna, 2008

What a performance – but we’d expect nothing less from the Queen of Pop. What else can we say?