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What is a facial oil and why should you be using one? – Superdrug
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What is a facial oil and why should you be using one?

Many people are sceptical about using a facial oil. Who in their right mind would want to add more oil – essentially ‘grease’ – to their face, right? But don’t be put off. Facial oils can be really beneficial for your skin, so listen up while we get to work on changing your mind.


Oils are emollients, which means they don’t sink as deeply into the skin as moisturisers and creams but act as a barrier and give the skin instant softness and smoothness. They’re also packed full of ingredients our skin will thank us for, such as nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids. Oils also help skin absorb other skincare products more effectively, as they repair and protect the skin’s surface. A facial oil could therefore be the hero product you need to transform your skin, giving it a health and glow you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s important to know, though, that oils shouldn’t be used on their own but as an addition to your moisturisers and serums. They ensure the moisture is sealed into the skin, rather than gradually seeping out, which can lead to skin dryness, especially in cold weather.


Apply a few drops of oil before your moisturiser. Alternatively, mix a few drops of oil in with your moisturiser, then apply. If an oil is too heavy, it can block your pores, so steer clear of putting coconut oil on your face and instead, choose oils which are lighter such as argan oil or a jojoba oil.

The conclusion? Using an oil in your daily beauty regime will pretty much mean brighter, clearer, glowing skin. Just off to stock up on a virtual basket load of facial oil...

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