Our favourite month is officially here (well, unless you’re a Grinch), and party season has well and truly begun. Yes, we’ve delved into the deepest, darkest part of our wardrobe to bring our naff Christmas jumper and garish sequinned jumpsuit out into the light again.

Soph X Revolution Palette swatch

And what do we need to complement our festive outfits of choice, we hear you cry. An equally attention-grabbing eyeshadow palette, obv. Luckily for you, we’ve found the perfect one to see you through the entire festive season, from the Xmas office party to New Year’s Eve.

YouTuber, makeup blogger and all-round babe sophdoesnails has launched another palette with Revolution, containing 18 hand-picked colours. With a variety of shimmer and matte textures in shades such as Mulled Wine and Chocolate Orange, and wrapped in shiny rose-gold packaging, this baby was born for Christmas.

Revolution Makeup RevolutionxSoph Extra Spice Eye Shadow Palette £8.00 Buy Now

Sophdoesnails says, ‘I picked all the shades and named them myself. They’re all personal and relevant to me. Food is a running theme in this range. I’m so excited! The palette is a little more daring and bolder than my last one, but you can still use it every day. I wanted it to be the extra spice in people’s makeup collection.’