We’re all too familiar with the painstaking process of trying to make our eyeliner flicks look like identical twins. For most of us mere mortals, they end up looking like friends who’ve had a major falling-out they just can't recover from (we’re lookin’ at you, Paris and Nicole).

Well, fear no more, as we’ve stumbled across an ingenious eyeliner hack that will bestow your peepers with perfect and – most importantly – matching feline flicks… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And who do we owe our deepest, sincerest gratitude to? Makeup artist Malia, aka @beautynmalia, who shares her winged wisdom on her Insta, and all you need is a bobby pin – if you can find one, that is, #igot99bobbypins #buticantfindone.

So how exactly does Malia achieve what we thought was an unattainable dream? She starts by coating the V-shaped opening of the pin with liquid eyeliner, then stamps it where she wants to place the wing. She fills in the outline with eyeliner and connects it to the liner along her lash line. This is then repeated on the other eye, et voila – twinning feline flicks. 

We can’t get over how simple and effective this is, but we’re gonna have to stock up on bobby pins because we can’t actually find one…