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What happened when I got eyelash extensions – Superdrug
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What happened when I got eyelash extensions

DARE's Junior Beauty Writer Mollie Hammond put a set of eyelash extensions to the test...

On holiday, the last thing we want to do is faff about with our face when there are cocktails to be had. So, when I was offered the chance to review eyelash extensions just a few days before my holiday, it couldn’t have come at a better time. The number of people who’ve told me that the added volume and lift a set of extensions gives you allows you to get away with applying less makeup sounded like a bloomin’ delight. And I’m always down for a cheeky test run in the name of beauty journalism.


A lovely woman called Michelle from The Eyelash Emporium talked me through all the different sets of eyelash extensions and asked me what I wanted from mine. I don’t like thick, heavy falsies as they make my eyes look as if I’m half asleep. But Michelle pointed out, ‘You can’t get your first-ever set of extensions and go completely natural. Think of the holiday pictures!’ So I settled on something natural with a Salt Bae sprinkling of extra.

She started to apply the extensions to each lash while describing all the different lengths, thicknesses and level of curl. She told me she was going to apply longer, more curved lashes in the centre of my eye to make them really open up. This is all while I’m trying not to fall asleep; it’s very relaxing, FYI. On average, you’ll have around 150-200 extensions on each eye.


After two hours, I was ready for my close-up. Michelle passed me the mirror and I couldn’t believe my eyes, literally! My lashes looked heavenly and it was pretty eye-opening (I’ll stop now) to see how much better they were than any mascara I’d ever used. Michelle gave me a spoolie to brush through them each day and told me to not get them wet for 48 hours so the glue could set properly.

I couldn’t believe how well they lasted on holiday, considering I was in and out of the sea all the time. I didn’t need mascara at all – I just accessorised the extensions with my signature feline flick. After about two weeks, I noticed they were gradually falling out as my real lashes naturally shed underneath, but they never looked odd and I made up for it by using a bit of mascara here and there. It was about four weeks after application that I lost my last few extensions – so totally worth it, in my eyes (last one, I promise)!


  • If looked after properly, they can last four to six weeks.
  • If looked after properly, they won’t damage your natural lashes.
  • Extensions will fall out naturally over time, but never attempt to remove them yourself. ALWAYS get them removed by a professional.
  • You can get top-ups so your extensions last longer.
  • If you feel the need to wear mascara, make sure you remove it with oil-free products, as oil breaks down the glue.
  • The Eyelash Emporium’s prices start at £150 for a full set and £60 for a half set.

Lash treatments are available at selected Superdrug stores; to find your nearest, go to superdrug.com

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