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How to be fully prepared for your eyebrow appointment – Superdrug
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How to be fully prepared for your eyebrow appointment

Thin, bushy, arched or natural – when it comes to the wonderful world of brows, there are so many styles to go for. It’s no wonder that when you go for your shape and/or tint, you get in a right muddle trying to explain which look you want. And do you need to prep before your appointment? Should you pluck pesky strays or leave it to the pros? How regularly do you need to book brow appointments? There are SO many questions – and we want answers. Here’s how to prep for your eyebrow appointment and get the Cara Delevingne brows of your dreams…


Grow before you mow

At the end of the day, if your brow hairs are too short then they’ll be très difficult to wax. To ensure hair grows evenly, try your very best not to tweeze between appointments. Waxing lasts for ages (four to six weeks, to be precise), so you shouldn’t have to pluck too many fiddly threads in between.

If you can’t resist the urge to tweeze out a rebellious strand or two, we recommend that you at least try to leave them untouched for the week before your appointment.

If your brows grow at a snail’s pace, apply growth serum once in the morning and again before bed. It will help your brows become bigger and stronger.

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Stand by your decision

Your brow artist isn’t gonna be able to gift you with your goal brows if you don’t know your goals. So, have a good think about how you want to style your furry friends.

Not sure whether to go for a tint, a shape, or both? If, despite your best efforts, your brows just ain’t getting any thicker, tinting will give them the lil’ extra definition they’re missing.

Shaping will style your brows and keep them looking clean and cool for weeks. If you’ve opted for a shape sesh, decide whether you want a full reshape or just a tidy. Do you want to switch up your whole style or just tweak your look? Decide what you want and go for it.

Know how to say what you want

When you’re talking to your brow artist, don’t be afraid to share your concerns – be specific and be honest. If you’re worried they’ll take too many hairs off, tell them. If you’re keen to go for Rhianna-inspired skinny brows, tell them. Your brow artist is an expert, after all, so take advantage of all the amazing advice they have to offer. 

Thinking of bringing a picture in? Pics can be helpful, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s natural shape is different, so the brow-style may not look the same on you.

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