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Do you really need an eye cream? – Superdrug
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Do you really need an eye cream?

OK, you’ve all been there: got your glam on, taken a selfie… and, oh, your eyes are looking older than the rest of you. Sadly, you’re not imagining it, as the eye area ages five to 10 years faster than the rest of your face. Time to hold back the ageing clock and reboost your eye zone with the right eye cream. You won’t need filters to look selfie-ready any more, no matter how late you stay up checking your Insta feed…

How do I make my crow’s feet fly away?

Everything from smiling to looking at your phone can cause wrinkles and crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes. ‘One of the main culprits of the appearance of lines around our eyes as we hit 30 is sun exposure, as it hastens the loss of skin-firming collagen,’ says Ian Baynes, B. Skincare expert.

THE FIX: Look for an eye cream that has collagen-boosting ingredients, such as vitamin E and peptides, and the skin-plumping wrinkle smoother, hyaluronic acid. Make sure you use
a daily sunscreen, which also halts eye-ageing collagen loss.

Love a panda on my insta feed, but don’t want to look like one – help!

‘The skin under the eyes becomes thinner and more transparent as we age,’ explains Ian Baynes. This makes the tiny blood vessels underneath the skin more visible, while sun exposure causes pigmentation and discoloration – eye bags to you and me.

THE FIX: No one ever got rid of under-eye bags by drinking water alone. Protect the under-eye skin by using an eye cream containing vitamin C, to brighten the skin and help strengthen blood-vessel walls, and a sunscreen to prevent further pigmentation.

My eye bags need unpacking! can you tell me how?

When you’re sleep-deprived, fluids tend to gather around your eyes, making them look puffy. Allergies can cause irritated skin around the eyes, while for some people puffiness is genetic. ‘The fat pads under the eyes can begin to droop with age, leading to puffiness,’ explains Ian.

THE FIX: Use a rollerball eye cream. The rollerball has a massaging effect, which disperses any excess fluid and reduces puffiness. Creams containing caffeine help with this condition,
too, along with those formulated with antioxidants. If your eyes are irritated, calm the skin around them with soothing aloe vera.

Give up coffee to get dewy eyes? Really?

‘Excess caffeine and alcohol consumption, a lack of sleep and poor skincare can have the same effect on the eye area as smoking,’ says Ian.
All these factors can contribute to the eye area looking dry and dehydrated.

THE FIX: Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. Dehydration is usually the first sign that you need to use an eye cream. Look for skin-hydrating and soothing formulas containing humectants – ingredients that pull in water from the air – to ensure skin is kept smooth and protected all day.

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