Blemishes and breakouts, tiredness and dullness… even beauty experts have bad-skin days. Here’s how three of our faves keep their complexion as good as it gets.

Carly Hobbs, celebrity makeup artist

For that dewy, fresh make-up finish, I use a primer as a highlighter on top of my makeup. A tiny tap of e.l.f Illuminating Face Primer over the tops of cheekbones gives a sheeny glow. It's also a top skincare product, so it feeds your face as you wear it. 

Even though I’m no longer a teen – boo – I always take Nip+Fab Teen Skin Fix Blemish Treatment on shoots and for myself as it's aces for taking down bad-boy blemishes in a flash. It cools any redness and the bump, so I can hide the spots more easily with concealer, knowing they’re healing underneath the cover-up job. 

My face gets so tired on long shoots, so every night, post-cleansing, I smooth on Astral Cream. Rich, creamy and old school, it soothes my worn-out complexion every time. 

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Amerley Ollennu, beauty editor and lifestyle blogger at

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes are always in my gym bag. It’s bad to let sweat dry on your skin, so I always give it a wipe post-workout before I head home to shower. I also keep wipes by my bed for late nights and then do a double cleanse in the morning.

I have sensitive skin around my eyes, so I make sure my eye care is gentle but effective, Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream soothes my delicate skin and helps de-puff my eyes.

Ultrasun Face Sun Cream SPF50+ is my number one essential. The skin’s biggest ager is the sun, but since it’s impossible to stay indoors all the time (and frankly who would want to), I religiously apply SPF. This one is oil-free, which suits my oily skin, and can’t be detected under makeup.

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Bronagh Meere, stylist and fashion and beauty blogger at

I love fake tan. When I was a beauty writer on a magazine, I tried them all and have now settled on Skinny Tan Express Mousse One Hour Tan because I’m just too busy to hang round longer than an hour. When I’m tanned, I can skip foundation, so it saves time that way, too. It gives me much more skin confidence, even when I’ve got a breakout or dark circles.

When I go on shoots abroad, there’s never much room for my stuff in the suitcases, so I have to pare my beauty packing right back. For cleansing, I rely on Garnier Micellar Water Sensitive Skin, which takes everything off in seconds and leaves skin feeling calm and soothed even after a day in the sun.

I love sheet masks. Even my toddler knows it’s DO NOT DISTURB time when I’ve got one on (well, kind of). I’m sure 10 minutes of relaxing does almost as much good as the mask itself. I’m addicted to the Skin Republic masks. The Hyaluronic + Collagen diminishes my fine lines and leaves me fresh and a bit younger looking! 

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