Britney Spears Prerogative fragrance set against a backgrount of Britney Spears CDs

If 2018 has a theme, it’s nostalgia. I kicked off the summer seeing Steps (the most underrated pop act in history) followed by Justin Timberlake and, after a decade-long wait, was Lucky to experience my girl Britney back on UK soil. In the noughties, I was A Slave For You, Brit Brit. So I’ve gone pretty Crazy for Prerogative, her most groundbreaking fragrance yet. Stronger than her previous scents, but still Born To Make You Happy, the best bit is that it’s a fragrance for everyone and anyone. No Toxic gender norms here... which fits perfectly with Superdrug’s #beautywithoutbias campaign. Gimme More (Oops!… I Did It Again).

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