If you’re a nail biter and desperately trying to stop, you might want to look away now. Edible nail art is a thing, and the main ingredient is arguably one of the best things on the planet: chocolate.  

New Zealand nail artist Jessie Mills (@naileditnz) is the brains behind the quirky edible trend. She pipes white, milk or dark chocolate onto each nail before decorating with silver balls or icing (sounds just like decorating a cupcake to us!). Once the nails are dry, they’re ready to… eat?

Jessie faced some criticism from some of her followers, but simply responded in an Instagram post by saying: ‘To everyone commenting "ew", ummm no kidding! Watch the full video on YouTube and see that maybe I was having fun. I recommend you try having some too.’

Jessie is already known for pushing the boundaries in nail art. She started a bit of a craze last year when she shared a video of herself completing the Polish Mountain Challenge – applying 100 coats of nail varnish to each nail!

Weird and wonderful nail creations aside, Jessie creates tons of wearable looks, such as her latest design inspired by Disney’s Lion King! Check out these and the rest of her cool creations at insta @naileditnz.