It’ll be simple: 31 days without alcohol, right? Truth is, it’s the most miserable time of the year and without a bev with your bestie, Dry January can be hard. Three days in and you’ve probs already had to refuse a boozy brunch and come to terms with having to be sober at the belated office Christmas party. Nevertheless, after a merry Christmas and a tipsy New Year, it’s a smart move to refuse the booze and give your bod a well-earned break. You’ll feel fab by the end of it, and there’s nothing like a challenge to start the new year. But we’re realists, so here are our four sanity-saving tips to prevent you losing your rag and help you stay on the right track throughout Dry January.

man and woman in coffee shop

Treat yourself

Not only is ditching the drink great for your insides, it’s also a welcome relief for your bank balance. Booze boosts the cost of socialising, so save the cash you would have spent on drink, or spend it on something to spruce up your evenings – you’ll be surprised what a bottle of wine can get you. If you’re partial to a pamper, you can get your non-tipsy vino fix from the new Hask Unwined Colour Protect & Hydrate Deep Conditioners. They contain wine extract, which is packed with antioxidants to help rejuvenate and soften hair, so treat yourself (and your hair) to one of these if you’re having a night in.

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Take up a hobby

The best way to avoid temptation is to keep your body and brain occupied, so taking up a hobby is a great way to get through Dry January. Try booking into a regular exercise class or going on evening runs to max out on the health factor. Alternatively, try something completely new. Always wanted to learn Spanish? Now’s the perfect time to start. Or reacquaint yourself with an old passion like painting or scrapbooking. It’s all about keeping your mind off the mojitos.

Rope in your mates

The hardest thing about Dry January is having to sit at a gathering being a sober Sally while your mates get merry. Try to get a buddy to go booze-less and join you in the challenge – it’ll be so much easier with two of you.

Switch up your socialising

Once you hit 18, it’s easy to fall into the pattern of meeting up in pubs and bars with your friends, but there’s lots to do out there that doesn’t involve drinking. Sober socialising includes so many things, from coffee dates to gallery browsing, theatre performances to cinema visits. Go wild and venture out a bit!