Contouring, highlighting, strobing… think you’ve mastered every face-sculpting technique? Think again! This time you can put down your bronzer and your strobe cream because now it’s all about draping your face with blusher…

What is draping?

It’s the new way to add definition to your face. This totally foolproof technique, inspired by 1970s beauty trends, creates a sculpted, fresh, glowing look, which takes very little time to master and only seconds to apply – great for those who don’t get around to putting on their face until they get on their morning train!

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How to drape with blusher

Apply a neutral, soft blush in a light, swirling motion to the highest points of the face: brow bones, tops of cheekbones and temples. Sweeping colour onto these areas will help to lift and brighten your features, but make sure you choose light rosy shades rather than bright pink hues. And the best bit? No need to blend!