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A DJ’s guide to your essential festival kit – Superdrug
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A DJ’s guide to your essential festival kit

With Coachella signalling the long-awaited arrival of festival season, now’s the time we all start thinking about music madness and tinnies in tents. Being the festi fashionistas that we are, there’s no way we’d forget our face gems, but what about those products you WISH you’d taken with you? We asked five DJs from our fave UK festivals to give us the lowdown on their holy grail products, so whether you’re heading to Lovebox or Lollapalooza, get these in your granny trollies before you go!


Barely Legal running a DJ set

Barely Legal will be playing at Forbidden Forest Festival and has some stellar suggestions for anyone who wants to get their shuteye – earplugs and an eye mask. ‘Coming back to your tent when the sun is rising and everyone is carrying on the music via Minirigs in their tents can make sleeping difficult,’ she says. ‘The Solait Earplugs & Eye Mask Set may help.’ This is defs one for the checklist, guys. Her second festi-ssential is Bassetts Adults Multivitamins Pastilles. ‘We put our bodies through the wars at festivals,’ she says, which can make us miss out on all the good stuff we need to keep going. ‘To soften the blow, you should munch on these daily to help your body during its recovery,’ she adds.

Forbidden Forest, 6 May, Donington Park, Derbyshire (forbidden-forest.co.uk)


Jess Bays running a DJ set

If you’re in the game for some serious DJ wisdom, We Are FSTVL’s Jess Bays’ top product pick is Johnson’s Face Care Make Up Be Gone Pampering Wipes. ‘These are a godsend. When I’m travelling, I can’t live without them. They have something magic in them that makes me fall fast asleep!’ From sleeping bag to stage, the one thing this DJ-ing queen needs to get herself performance ready is TREsemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray. ‘If I didn’t have this to tame my wild hair at festivals, I wouldn’t leave the house... simple as! It’s a basic necessity.’ We hear ya, hun – ain’t nothing gonna ruin our do on the day… #PACKED

We Are FSTVL, 25-27 May, Upminster, London (wearefstvl.com). Catch Jess Bays on 26 May


Eli & Fur running a DJ set

Next in the line-up is DJ duo from London Eli & Fur (playing at South West Four), who’ve got a couple of must-haves any festival-goer will be lost without this summer. First up is the king of hair necessities, dry shampoo. ‘Batiste Dry Shampoo On The Go in Tropical is a festival essential. It keeps our hair looking clean and volumised, and it’s nice and small, so it’s easy to pop in your handbag.’ If you haven’t got one of these packed, what the jeff are you playing at? Next up is one for all fashionistas out there who are in love with the slicked-back-hair look… Eli & Fur tell us,L'Oreal Elnett Supreme Hold Hairspray is perfect for this. It always keeps our hair in place when DJ-ing and running around a festival.’ Thanks for the hook-up, girls!

South West Four Festival, 25-26 August, Clapham Common, London (southwestfour.com). Catch Eli & Fur on 25 August


Lauren Lane running a DJ set

Time to hit the big northern city of Manchester now, where Lauren Lane will be killin’ it on the decks at Parklife Festival. Her top two festival essentials are all about saving your skin in the summer sun. First up is Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturising Cream, which absorbs straight into your skin with no sticky or greasy residue – perfect for a skin quick fix in your tent. It also contains SPF15, which is why Lauren Lane loves it so much. ‘It keeps your skin soft and the SPF helps to protect it from the sun,’ she says. ‘Looking like a tomato isn’t cute!’ Yep! You can get away with a lot at festivals, but tomato face ain’t one of them. Speaking of steamin’, getting cool can be hard when you’re out in the sun all day. ‘Face mist is a good way to cool down on a hot summer’s day,’ says Lauren, who’s all about Garnier Moisture Bomb Protect Hydrating Mist. ‘Or you can use it to spray your annoying friend who’s had too many shots!’ Now that’s the kinda multitasking we’re talkin’ about!

Parklife Festival, 9-10 June, Heaton Park, Manchester (parklife.uk.com). Catch Lauren Lane on 10 June


Becky Saif running DJ set

Last, but not least, in our line-up of DJ packing advisers is Becky Saif, who’s due to play at NASS Festival in Bristol. ‘I like to use Carmex Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm in Pomegranate with SPF15, as it keeps my lips protected from the sun throughout the day. And I’m obsessed with pomegranate, so it tastes great, too!’ This one is a massive, MASSIVE essential. Dry, chapped or sunburnt lips are just what you don’t want, so do everything to prevent this kinda problem. Slather it on whenever you need to, and don’t be shy with your application.

NASS Festival, 5-8 July, Bristol (nassfestival.com). Catch Becky Saif on 7 July

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