If you were to ask us to name the one thing that reminds us of our childhood, there would be a clear frontrunner. Disney. Disney films pretty much ruled our universe, and if you didn’t own every VHS from Aladdin to The Little Mermaid, can you even say you were a die-hard DisKid?

Yes, we had stationery, pyjamas, toys and posters all designed with our fave Disney characters. Heck, we even allocated ourselves our own personal Disney princess because we could TOTALLY relate with Jasmine’s sheer sass. (Marry Jafar? You’re having me on, right?)

So serious nostalgia hit when we were scrolling through our Insta feed and discovered eyeshadow looks inspired by our favourite Disney films – and they’re UNREAL.

American vlogger Gabi Greer is the maestro behind the magical makeup that’s mesmerising us, and we can’t help but wonder how on earth she manages to do it!

Here are just some of our favourite looks from Gabi’s Instagram…

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Who could forget this iconic scene from Lady And The Tramp?

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We think we may love this nearly as much as Carl Fredricksen – y’know, the cute old man in Up, who we wish was our grandpa. 

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‘Well, some go this way, some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the shortcut.’ Alice In Wonderland

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To check out all of Gabi’s looks, head to her Instagram @gabigreeer