Are you using your trusty hair straighteners to their maximum potential? If you thought they were just for creating super straight sleek locks, think again. Here are three killer looks you can achieve using just a pair of flat irons.

‘80s crimp

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Channel your inner ‘80s rock chick by recreating the iconic crimped ‘do. Spritz a heat protector over your locks and then use a pintail comb to section hair into six equal parts. French braid each section fairly tightly and secure with poly bands. Take your straighteners and run them down each plait, then wait until hair has fully cooled and before undoing the braids to reveal crimped strands.

Vintage waves

For a slice of retro Hollywood glamour, read on. After spraying heat protector, take a pintail comb and side part the hair in line with your eyebrow arch. Section hair into four equal parts, two at the back, two at the front. Starting at the root, take a one-inch wide by one-inch length section and wrap it around the iron, towards your face. Hold for five seconds then release. Repeat down the length of the hair and then twist it around your finger. Use sectioning clips to pin hair up in its twist. Repeat until all hair is done. Wait for hair to cool and remove sectioning clips. To finish, brush the waves through, add a touch of hairspray and tuck hair behind the ear on one side. 

Red-carpet updo

No glam squad needed here. We’ve told you twice, and now we’ll tell you again (last time, promise) ­- minimise heat damage with a protector spray. Use a pintail comb to create a side parting. Pull hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure with a poly band. Take a small section of hair, wide enough to disguise a bobble, and wrap it around the poly band until it's covered. Secure with a grip underneath the ponytail. Take a one-inch section of hair and starting at the top of the ponytail, wrap the length of the hair around the straightener. Unravel after five seconds; twist the curl around your finger, release and then use hairspray to fix the style. 

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