We all know the daily struggles of getting the perfect flick – even with all those so-called ‘wonder products’ on the market. So when we heard about this beauty hack, we went digging through our bathroom drawers to find what we really needed all along… dental floss!

Instafamous beauty blogger @iamsugarcoated is credited for sharing this ingenious hack, which uses a dental floss pick to create the perfect feline flick. But how does it work? In her how-to, she paints the strip of floss with liquid liner and quickly (while it’s still wet) stamps two lines to create a triangular shape in the outside corners of the eyes. She then fills in the area between the two lines with eyeliner, before continuing the brush along her lids to create a smooth line, which blends into a flawlessly fierce flick.

How long have we all spent and how many products have we used trying to perfect the flick when all we needed was hiding under our sinks! Is this method utterly foolproof? Practice keeping a steady hand and stock up on floss – like our dentists tell us to – and we may be one step closer to becoming cat’s-eye queens.

WARNING: don’t use mint-flavoured floss as the mint oils make your eyes stream. So, best not to risk having all that hard work going to waste.

Let us know if you'll be trying the dental floss eyeliner hack, we'd love to hear from you!