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Would you try denim nail art? – Superdrug
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Would you try denim nail art?

We have been loooooving denim this summer, so much so there’s been a fair few occasions we have rocked DD (double denim) in the office and don’t have a single ounce of regret. So you can imagine our excitement upon scrolling through our Insta feed to see denim nails are having their moment in the spotlight. Triple denim anyone?

Like every Instagram trend, people are putting their own unique spin on the look and there are tons of variations on our feed. From floral and denim combinations to nails that actually look like a pair of ripped jeans, there’s something for everyone’s personal preference.  

I mean, for us mere mortals who struggle to perfect even the simplest of creations (yes, just a single colour always manages to end up everywhere other than our nail), the idea of trying to achieve a distressed denim design seems pretty damn daunting.

Turns out it’s actually pretty easy (hallelujah). All you need is a dark and light blue and white nail varnish. Start by painting on the dark blue then stiple over the lighter blue to create the faded texture effect. Finally, dip a really fine brush in some white nail varnish and carefully draw on the rips and frays.

Here are some of our fave denim nails on Insta to give you a lil inspo…


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