Most of us would rather suffer a broken limb than a broken heart – we feel you. The good news is that you’ve made the first step to recovery: you’re here. You know that you need to move on, and you want to do it in the sanest and most sensible way, so congratulations on that. You’re going through a tough stage, but time is on your side – and time is like the stiches that hold your heart together while it heals.

Use the time wisely. Don’t spend it drinking wine, eating ice cream and matching everyone within a 30-mile radius on Tinder. Instead, use the time to upgrade your life and focus on yourself.

Spend it with friends and family, keep yourself busy, clear out your phone, start a new hobby, get your hair done. Positive vibes are like sunbeams for those tears. You’re on your way to a tear drought, and it starts now.

Mindfulness expert Clare Dimond gives you her top three tips for dealing with a difficult breakup…

  1. Acknowledge your feelings.
  2. Don’t let your imagination get the best of you.
  3. You’re responsible for your own happiness.