We always put a load of thought into our outfit, hair and makeup for date night (#Flawless… ofc) but usually leave packing our handbag to the last minute. Which is why we find ourselves in the toilet in a nervy sweat, wondering how we forgot to pack the deo/fragrance – face palm moment or what? If you’re now thinking, ‘Nooooo, not another thing to plan,’ don’t worry – we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here’s our date-night SOS kit – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

1. Dinky deodorant

The sweats can hit at any moment and date night is prime time for those not-so-sweet smells to hit you. Hot restaurant… hot date… get my drift? Pack a mini deodorant to help avoid any major sweat situ.

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2. Hair gone haywire?

We never know when the hair gods are gonna be cruel or kind… so it’s best to be prepared. If your hair just isn’t staying put on your date, hairpins will be your little lifesavers.

3. You can talk the talk…

… but can you walk the walk? Those heels are gorge, but blisters can pop up at the most annoying times, like when you’re tryna strut your stuff and you know BAE’s watching. Hobble-proof your power walk with some soothing blister plasters.

4. Matte in a moment

We’re pros at touching up our makeup but only if we’ve got the right tools. Make sure you pack powder and blotting papers for any oil-slick moments. When RiRi said shine bright like a diamond, she meant our personalities, not our T-zones!

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5. You got a lil something…

So you’re having a laugh with your date, then go to the toilet and see you’ve got food in your gnashers… If you haven’t packed some floss, you’ll wish you had – especially if it’s a dinner date!

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6. Pout perfection

Getting your lippy to last through date night is mission impossible tbh. From the drink sipping and food munching to lip locking, unless it’s tattooed on your face, you’re gonna need to touch up. Make sure you have your lipstick of choice packed and ready to go.

7. Just in case

Time for mum mode now. No one’s saying you have to go there, but just in case you do, it’s essential to be prepared. If a baby’s not on the agenda, and to avoid STIs, condoms are the most important thing on the list. Don’t forget them.