We’re totally in love with these one-shade wonders. That’s right, bright eyeshadows that look fab in just one sweep. What’s more, we’ve totally picked up on the 2018 pastel trend. Not sure which colour to choose? A ladylike lavender or maybe a baby blue? Luckily for you, the DARE team jumped at the chance to try out these new neutrals, and here’s what we thought of them…

Sophia Miller, digital content assistant

Sophia wearing yellow eye makeup

Would I have worn bright yellow eyeshadow before now? Erm… no. I’m more of a die-hard nude-palette kinda gal. So, when the DARE girls insisted I’d look good with yellow lids, I laughed. Me? Yellow? No, huns.

Well, I’ll admit I was wrong. Turns out my colleagues do know a thing or two about their eyeshadows. The sunshine hue really makes my blue eyes pop and brings out my blonde summer highlights (double whammy!). Wanna embrace the yellow? Banana shades are a statement in themselves, so keep the rest of your look fairly neutral to let them stand out. The result? A more summery look than a trip to the Cornish coast.

Shannan Sterne, editorial assistant

Shannan wearing orange eyeshadow

I’ve always been about orange eyeshadow, not gonna lie. So when I got the chance to whack out the old apricot accents, I was in heaven. That’s right, I was keen for the tangerine. The key to a successful peachy pastel eyelid? A base of creamy concealer. Once you’ve smothered your lids in the stuff, use a brush to load on a lick of citrus. Worried that your shadow will look more carrot than coral? Mix a lil white shadow with your orange to keep it cool. Loved it. Get involved.

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Naomi Macphail, digital content manager

Naomi wearing lilac eyeshadow

As an active type, I’m usually all about barefaced beauty. As I’ve been told lilac goes with blue eyes, I reached for the periwinkle palette. It can be tricky getting lavender shades to stand out on your eyelids, so I used an eyeshadow brush to pack it on. The result? Big, bright eyes perfect for summer afternoons. If I say so myself, I look like an amethyst angel.

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Eryn Gold, beauty intern

Eryn a beauty intern wearing blue eyeshadow

Neutral and bronze shades have always been my go-to, so this electric blue scared me senseless, but I gave it a go and I’m pleasantly surprised. The wash of bold colour really spices up my makeup look and could totally work for a night out. It’s out of my comfort zone, but it’s exciting to mix things up once in a while. I highly recommend braving blue – it’s exciting, with a splash of 90s nostalgia. Give it a go!

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