With winter wreaking havoc on our skin, all of us at DARE thought it was high time for some masking marvels. From coconut oil to hyaluronic acid, we tried ’em all –  and here are our verdicts…

Art Editor Hannah

My complexion tends to be dry and dehydrated, so as my parched-skin sisters will know, hydrating skincare is key. Natures Alchemist Nourishing Cream Face Mask contains coconut oil, which is the hero of dry skin and promises to restore the skin’s natural moisture. Its creamy texture made it a dream to apply, and it felt super-luxurious. After leaving it on for five minutes (just enough time to kick back with a cuppa), I was ready to see the results. My skin looked glowing, and the following day when I applied my makeup, it looked silky smooth. It’s a winner!

Han sized
Tor sized

Editor Tory

When it comes to masks, you can’t beat a sheet. Rip open the sachet, unpeel the paper mask and slap it on for an almost instant hit of hydration (and who doesn’t need that at this time of year?). I tried the new Garnier Moisture Bomb Super-Hydrating De-Tiring Tissue Mask one sleepy morning, and my face felt instantly perked up. The packet contains plenty of the hyaluronic-infused serum (which helps rehydrate skin, making it look less dull and grey), and the paper itself is super-soft and really clings to your face. I like to massage in all the leftover ‘juice’ from the packet, and when I’d finished, my skin felt very soft. There’s no strong scent, making this a good option if your skin’s sensitive to fragrance, and at a bargain price to boot, I’m giving this mask 10/10.

Digital Content Manager Naomi

A mask called Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Extreme Plumping Mask has got to be a winner, right? I layered the clear gel thickly onto my cheeks, chin and forehead and although it felt a bit like hair gel and was pretty cold, it was an easy process and felt refreshing. I left it on for 10 minutes, then rinsed it off with warm water. My skin felt fresh but wasn’t very smooth or plumped up. The instructions tell you to use it up to three times a week, so I’ll give it another couple of goes and see if I notice a difference. 

Naomi sized
Renee sized

Account Manager Renee

I’d never tried a peel-off mask before, so when T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask landed on my desk, I was eager to see the results. The mask is really thick and sticky, so the application process was a lil messy. With a drying time of 30 minutes, I had plenty of time to take a few selfies for the grid (although my skin started to feel quite tight during the last 10 minutes). Peeling that baby off was painful yet extremely satisfying, and seeing all the impurities that the mask had drawn out of my skin was a touch gross – but at least I can promise you that it works. My skin looks and feels AMAZING. Smaller pores, baby soft and glowing… ticks all my boxes!   

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