Switch off those straighteners and embrace your curls with these hair heroes

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The curl cream

Use a super-rich, mega-moisturising curl cream, which keeps hair healthy. Look for a formula that helps to combat frizz, curl shrinkage and breakage, as well as defining, elongating and nourishing curls.

The cleansing conditioner

If you’re guilty of over-washing your hair, try a cleansing conditioner. Opt for a non-drying formula, as this will help prevent breakage and dehydration.

The scalp reviver

If your scalp needs a bit of TLC, try a hair and scalp oil. The rich blend will work to soothe the scalp without clogging pores and add shine to your hair.

The hair oil

Apply a repairing oil through the mid-lengths and ends of wet or dry hair, to make it more manageable, help fight frizz and add shine.

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