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Creams to cure your winter skin woes – Superdrug
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Creams to cure your winter skin woes

Winter’s on its way, bringing with it a potentially long list of skincare problems, topped, for many of us, with a serious case of dry skin. If your face has got the big freeze this frosty season, these are the creams that are going to get you through. Trust us, we’re the experts.

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The all-in-one

Astral Cream

This is the one-cream-fits-all that you can use all over your body, and on your hands and face. Perfect for an intensive moisturising boost, it’s a cult classic (Joanna Lumley credits it for her ageless complexion) that will help keep your skin soft and smooth all winter.

Astral Astral Intensive Moisturiser Original 500ml £9.99 Buy Now

The one with the glow

Olay 2in1 Hydration + Radiant Glow Moisturiser Lotion

If your skin’s looking dull as well as dry, this is the moisturiser for you. Not only is it great for every day, its natural light-reflecting particles will have you back to your glowing best in no time.

The perfect handbag companion

Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid Spritz

Keep your skin hydrated on the go with this hyaluronic acid spritz, perfect for when you need an extra moisture boost. You can spritz it over your makeup for a refreshed look during the day – or to refresh tired-looking skin. It’s the ideal pick-me-up for when you don’t have much time.

The vitamin boost

Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

Inject some vitamins into your skin with our classic moisture cream. Perfect for skin that’s normal to dry, it contains antioxidants that will not only deliver 24 hours of moisture but help to protect your skin from environmental damage. What more could you ask for?

Vitamin E Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream 100ml £4.49 Buy Now

The handy number

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

Unless you always remember to pack your gloves, your hands can often end up getting the worst of the winter damage. Burt’s Bees Hand Salve helps to soothe and smooth dry and rough skin, and – what’s more – it’s made of 100% natural products, including beeswax and botanical oils. Perfect.

The refresher

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Whipped Body Balm

With your legs hibernating wrapped up in tights and arms tucked up in woolly jumpers, it’s easy to neglect full-body moisturising in winter. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Whipped Body Balm is a lightweight formula that packs a hyaluronic powered hit of moisture. It glides on like a dream and sinks in super-quick for some speedy post-shower skin loving, so you can get back into your thermals asap.

Neutrogena Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Whipped Body Balm 200ml £4.99 Buy Now
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