Do you contour like Kim or strobe like Jourdan?


What is it? Arguably the more complicated of the two techniques, contouring defines features using a mix of bronzer and highlighter in order to make them pop. It’s usually done to help chisel cheekbones and enhance the natural structure of your face – and it’s a technique loved by the Kardashian clan!

Top tips: Make sure the bronzer and highlighter you’re using to contour is matt (without a shimmer or glitter) and choose a colour that’s only one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Less is more when contouring!


What is it? Known as contouring’s much simpler sister, strobing is a relatively new trend, which only uses light to enhance your face. So skip the bronzer and just use highlighter to define your features. Strobing is supposed to create the illusion of being under bright, flattering lights, so the highlighter should be applied only where the light naturally hits your face – on temples, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

Top tips: Avoid highlighters with any shimmer or chunky glitter; strobing is about a soft, radiant glow rather than giving you a glitter ball effect. Steer clear of using anything matt in your routine, too, as this can dull down your look, which should be dewy.


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