Whether it’s hair braids, carved brows or rose quartz nails, we’re all for the latest exciting beauty trends. And now the sun’s out, we’re feeling bright colours more than ever before. Our latest obsession? Confetti hair. Yep, we thought we’d heard it all, too – but apparently confetti isn’t just a thing you need to save for the wedding season. And we don’t mean sticking bits of paper to your head, either.

The new twist on the pastel-colour hair trend, invented by Blondies Of Melbourne (the same salon that brought us rainbow roots), is perfect for summer. And we’re definitely feeling it.

Not the easiest look to DIY, this may be something you’ll want to leave to your colourist. You’ll need to be (or go) blonde to start with, before applying the dye in stripes across the hair – allowing the blonde to show through for a broken-up look.

But if you insist, you’ll need very light blonde hair and a patient friend.

Let us know how you get on!