Are you a regular DIYer or do you always leave it to the professionals? Celeb hairdresser Michael Douglas tells you all you need to know about colouring your hair at home…

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Q Are at-home hair dyes generally bad for your hair? 

A No, not at all. The contents of a box of home hair dye is the same stuff you get in the salon. The only difference in the salon is that someone chooses and applies the colour for you, but the process on the hair is exactly the same. 

Q How should you go about choosing between a semi-permanent and permanent home hair dye?

A With a permanent dye, you need to wait until the colour grows out, so there is a level of commitment. But it’s the one to go for if you want 100% coverage of grey/white hair. Semi-permanent hair colour will only give you a blend of the grey hair to around 75%, and most of the colour will wash out/fade in about six weeks.

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Q If you’re dying your hair yourself, what are your top tips?

A If you’ve got a lot of hair, ask someone to help. Wear a protective towel or gown that you don’t mind getting stained. Follow the instructions and look at the pack/box for the shade recommendations based on your existing/natural hair colour. As a general rule, hair colour is as good as the condition of the hair to which it’s applied. If your hair is in good(ish) condition, you should expect to see very good results. Application is super-important. The better it is, the better the result. For example, if you have long or very thick hair and you think you’ll need two boxes, use two.

Q If you’ve managed to rope in a friend to do it for you, what tips would you give them?

A Wear the gloves provided. Use a comb to help section the hair (sectioning clips also help) and have a water spray handy. Dampening down the hair beforehand will help you comb the colour through from roots to ends with ease.

Q If your hair is gone brassy, can you tone it yourself at home?

A Yes. Brassiness is caused by too much natural yellow pigment in the hair. To eradicate it, you need a purple/violet toner or shampoo. Apply to hair as per packet instructions to neutralise brassiness and reveal a clean blonde.

Q Are there any cases when you would recommend not to dye your hair at home but book in at a salon instead?

A There are three cases where I would recommend you visit a salon. 1. If your hair has been repeatedly coloured and feels damaged. 2. Your hair has been coloured dark and you now want to go lighter. 3. Your hair is very blonde and you want go darker.

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