Another makeup technique that we need to master is colour correction – jeez, how do we keep up? Darker skin tones especially can benefit from colour-correcting any hyperpigmentation on the skin, and you don’t even need to be experienced to crack it. There’s a huge variation in darker skin tones, so you need to figure out the areas on your face that need correcting and the colours you should use to help even out the skin’s overall pigment.

Step 1: Add orange

Use an orange colour to lighten dark circles, marks or blemishes.


Step 2: Add yellow

Yellow is the opposite to purple on the colour spectrum, so it can help to conceal any shadows or darker tones on the skin that may appear purple.


Step 3: Add lavender

Use a light lavender colour on areas of your face, such as nose and cheekbones, that need a highlight.


Step 4: Blend

Using a blending sponge, gently blend all of the colours together by pressing them into the skin.


Step 5: Add foundation

Your skin is now prepped and colour-corrected, ready to apply your foundation as usual.


Watch the full colour correcting video here...