By now, we are all well aware of the benefits of coconut oil for both health and beauty reasons. So when we heard it’s the perfect product to shave your legs with, we were all ears. Not only is it a natural, toxin-free alternative to shaving cream, it also leaves your skin seriously smooth and deeply moisturised.

The skin is the body’s largest organ so it’s really important to look after it. You need to think about the ingredients in the products you’re using on your skin as it will be absorbing everything – chemicals and all. Switching your shaving cream for coconut oil is a sure-fire way to keep your skin happy. 

After a shower or bath, pat your legs down with a towel and slather with coconut oil. If it’s solidified, rub it between your hands to melt it. It’s good to keep a little tub of it on the side in the shower as the heat of the water will help to melt the oil.

Use a really sharp razor to get a close shave. Rinse the blade between each stroke so the razor doesn’t get clogged with oil.

Pat your legs dry with a towel so that you retain the oil in your skin. If you want ultra smooth legs, add a little more oil post shave.

*Using oil can make your bath/shower really slippery so be sure to wipe it down afterwards.