Baths should be indulgent. A chance to switch off and unwind. But if you’re finding your tub time less of a pleasure and more of a chore, let us introduce you to the concept of bath cocktails. No, we don’t mean a gin and tonic with a splash of elderflower to sip among the suds, we’re talking about pairing products to take your time in the tub from mediocre to marvellous. Here’s how to become a bath time mixologist.

graphic of woman in bath tub

Team bath salts with Vitamin E oil

We all know that bathing can have a detoxing effect on the mind and body, but to maximise all that jazz, why not pour in detoxing bath salts (Radox's are mineral-rich and formulated with Thyme) and then add a splash and dash of Vitamin E. This little bottle by Burt’s Bees is packed with vitamin E and lemon extracts, which leave skin hydrated and smelling divine. Oh, and you won’t even need to moisturise afterwards, as the oil will linger on skin long after you pull the plug.

Radox Radox Bath Therapy Muscle Soak Herbal Bath Salts 400g £1.05 Buy Now

Pair a foaming bath soak with moisturising melts

While Zoella Scooper Dooper Bath Soak is a delight used solo – it’s formulated with vitamin E, aloe and shea butter to soften, cosset and care for skin – if you want to up the pamper factor, add a bath melt to the mix. These indulgent treats will fill your bathroom with the scent of French fancies to help you unwind, switch of and drift off.  

Patisserie de Bain Patisserie de Bain Assorted Bath Melts 3 x 45g £9.99 Buy Now

Throw in a bath bomb and sprinkle in confetti

There’s something about a bath bomb that gets us excited. The colours. The scent. The sound. But once the fizz has faded, your bath can feel a bit blah. The solution? A little sprinkling of an extra something. For an instant happy factor, throw in a handful of Bubble T’s bath confetti for an explosion of colour and fragrance.