Time is like the plaster you can’t put a price on – one week and our top five hacks are all you need to heal those dead ends and oily roots you’ve been worrying about (the struggle is real), we’ve got your back.

1. Avoid using heat

Ditch the straighteners, curlers, heated rollers and even your hairdryer. Give it some well-deserved time off and your hair will reap the benefits.

2. Use hair oils

Using hair-oil or oil based shampoo can really nourish your hair leaving it feel super-soft.

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3. Don't over-wash

Over washing can actually damage the hair as you are not giving it enough time for its natural oils to release. Keep it to three or four times a week. We love using dry shampoo to keep us fresh in between washes.

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4. Use hair masks

Making a DIY mask at home could be one of the best things you do for your hair – give it a go and see the results. 

5. Get your hair cut

*throws a tantrum* - anything but that! We know this one is a hard one to face, but it really is the most beneficial thing you can do to cleanse your hair. Even if it's just a quick trim to remove the ends that's sometimes enough!