Partnered up with the kinda guy who knows what he wants and then just buys it? If you’re shopping for an impossible-to-surprise sort, it can be hard to get through your shopping list. But that doesn’t mean you should panic buy and end up with a bagful of gift vouchers. Oh no. Not when we’ve got gifts, glorious gifts for even the most bothersome boyfriends and brothers to buy for. Get ready to click, click, click.

Gif of gifts for men

If his beard’s his pride and joy buy him… Wahl Trimmer Kit

If he spends every Saturday afternoon at the barber’s and won’t leave until his lid is perfectly pruned and his beard’s as fresh as Becks’s, why not give him what he needs to keep his topiary top-notch at home? The Wahl Trimmer Kit comes in a ’grammable, retro-inspired gift box and contains all the goodies – think beard wash, beard oil and a rechargeable beard trimmer – to keep his grooming game A-grade.

Wahl Wahl Trimmer Kit Complete £34.99 Buy Now

If his toothbrush is looking less than its best, buy him… Oral B Genius 9000

Our rule for presents is to buy them something they wouldn’t buy themselves. And while we all want a high-tech toothbrush, how many of us would buy one for ourselves, guilt-free? If his toothbrush is looking a bit tattered, this pretty nifty gadget gift is sure to be welcome. It has a dentist-inspired round head, which rotates and pulsates to remove more plaque and grime than a standard toothbrush. Oh, and it also gives real-time feedback and coaching – blimmin’ brilliant. Yes, when it’s full price, it’s fairly spenny. So might we suggest you pick it up while it’s on offer?

If he won’t leave the house without a second spritz, buy him… Boss The Scent Private Accord For Him

We get it, smell’s a pretty personal thing. What sends shivers down one person’s spine will light up another. So, fragrance is a bit of a gift to swerve unless you know exactly what he loves, right? Not so, gift givers. We’ve found the perfect pressie that’ll make it seem as if you’ve sniffed hundreds of scents before settling on the one that’s ‘just him’. Boss The Scent Private Accord For Him ticks all the what-I-wish-my-boyfriend-smelled-like boxes, with its spicy ginger and cocoa absolute notes.                                   

Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent Private Accord for Him Eau de Toilette 50ml £40.00 Buy Now

If snogging him leaves you with stubble rash, get him… Superdrug Bristle & Smith New Beard Gift Set

If he’s hairier than Hagrid, he might look good, but that doesn’t mean kissing him’s a treat. If you want him to sort his stubble out but daren’t drop hints, this little budget buy’s a winner winner turkey dinner. With beard wash, a comb and oil, he can tame his facial fuzz in three quick steps. Oh, and the barbershop-style bottles will look pretty sweet in his bathroom cabinet, too.

If he’s never owned moisturiser (or if he always steals yours), get him… Bulldog Original Skincare Duo Gift Set

If your man’s the can’t-moisturise-won’t-moisturise-type, you’d do well to get him this dynamic duo from Bulldog. Like a starter skincare set, it takes grooming back to basics. He can wash his way to cleanliness, then moisturise his way to baby-soft skin. No fuff, no fuss, just the gift of simple, wholesome skincare.