By DARE's Junior Beauty Writer, Mollie Hammond

Last Friday afternoon, I stood up from behind my desk and boldly declared to the girls, ‘That’s it! It’s all coming off!’ After a quick phone call to the hairdresser (who luckily had a standby appointment after work), I knew I was FULLY committed.

The funny thing is, I’ve been growing my hair for years, wistfully waiting for the day when I’d wake up with long, thick, luscious locks. But, like the flowers I’ve been promised by my boyfriend for the past God-knows-how-long, it wasn’t happening. And it was looking doubtful it ever would.

The problem with my hair is, the longer it gets, the thinner it looks. I went down the extensions avenue at one point, but they destroyed my hair. I was left with half the amount I’d had when I started, so you can probably imagine my anger. I told people it was probably best to avoid me for two or three days, for their own sake. Extensions = NO GO.

But in recent months, more and more celebs seem to be getting the big chop. From the likes of Bella Hadid to Vanessa Hudgens, my girl crushes have been ditching their long locks in favour of a short, blunt bob. Oh, and did I mention they all look UNREAL?

So, armed with my album of Instagram inspiration, off I went on my merry way to the hairdresser’s hot seat. As I hadn’t really allowed myself a lot of time to think seriously about what I was doing (2.35 hours, to be exact), I was quite blasé about the whole thing. That was until the hairdresser handed me my entire ponytail. That’s when shizzle got rizzle.


A fair few chops, a blow-dry and quick tong later, and the job was done. Gone was my long and lifeless hair, replaced with a short, bouncy bob. It looked and felt thick for once, words I never thought I’d be able to use in the same sentence. Earphones in and I’m Every Woman on, I left the hairdresser feeling like a brand-new gal.


You may think that having shorter hair will limit your options, but since braving the chop, I’ve tried out loadsa different styles and loved them all. It’s genuinely the best decision I’ve made all year.