As Celebrity Big Brother is set to return to our screens this evening (THANK GOODNESS – we’ve seriously struggled on the viewing front since Love Island finished), we can’t help but dream about who will jam-pack our screens with drama for the next five weeks. Ideally, here’s who we’d love to see in the line-up…

1. Kim Kardashian

We had Kim K’s bestie Jonathan Cheban in the CBB house till early this year, but now we want the real thing: the all-contouring, all-selfie-taking, all-gossiping ACTUAL Kim Kardashian.

2. David Beckham

Because why wouldn’t you want to watch one of the world’s biggest (and most handsome) sporting legends of all time every day for five weeks? By the looks of things, he can cook, too. Bonus!

3. Taylor Swift

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From her music to her relationships, everyone wants a bit of inside goss on T-Swift – and who better to give it than the singer herself?

4. Kanye West

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If Kim AND Taylor are going in, this is a no-brainer. Kanye HAS to go in. Not only would we love to hear a bit more about what he plans to do as president, we’d also love to see him make it up with Taylor Swift once and for all.

5. Harry Styles

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Just for the One Direction fan that’s left in all of us.

6. Adele

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Not only is she hilariously funny, but she’d also make the shopping task one to remember.

7. Prince Harry

So, the day is probably never going to come when a royal sets foot in the Big Brother house – but that won’t stop us dreaming!

8. Liam Hemsworth

We’re going to need even more eye candy… and who better to swoon over than this star of The Hunger Games and Independence Day? Obviously.

9. Beyoncé

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She’s the queen of the music scene with those dance moves, that amaze singing voice and those beaut outfits, so imagine seeing her rule our screens every evening. Yes, please!

10. Ellen DeGeneres

Because it’d be like a hilarious five-week-long episode of Ellen. And she’s the voice of Dory in the new sequel, Finding Dory (out tomorrow), which makes us love her that little bit more.

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