When it comes to April Fool’s Day pranks, the possibilities are endless – and celebs love them, too. But the funniest of them all? When they play them on each other! Here are some of the best we’ve seen over the years…

Rihanna woke up presenter Jimmy Kimmel with a surprise 1am gig and a film crew in his bedroom (2015)

We’re pretty sure this is probably one of the most random things that could ever happen to someone – and you can tell by Jimmy’s face that he was as much in shock as we would be if Rihanna rocked up at our house to perform a private gig at 1am!

Gwen Stefani announces ‘pregnancy’ (2016)

Gwen had fans thinking she was expecting a little one with boyfriend Blake Shelton after posting an ultrasound picture to her Instagram with the caption ‘It’s a girl’.

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Ellen DeGeneres scares T-Swift (2010)

The treadmill incident wasn’t the only time that Swifty had been part of an April Fool’s setup. Back in 2010, Ellen aired a video of her giving Taylor Swift a fright on her show.

The Voice UK tells Twitter that Marvin Humes will be presenting the show topless (2014)

Back in 2014, BBC One’s The Voice UK tweeted ‘*exclusive* Due to an unfortunate mix up with @MarvinHumes’s launderette, Marv will be hosting Saturday’s live final topless’. Hilarious!

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The Sun breaks the news that Simon Cowell’s face is to appear on all new £5 notes (2015)

This one had us in stitches. Remember when The Sun announced on Twitter that Simon Cowell’s face would appear on newly printed £5 notes...

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Richard Branson moves his head office to a tiny town in the US (2015)

We’ve all heard about mogul Richard Branson’s success – from his airlines to his private islands – so he shocked the world when he claimed that he would be moving his headquarters to the tiny town of Branson, Missouri (population 11,000!) in the USA!

Remember, tomorrow is April Fools Day and NO ONE is safe...