It’s sweet, it’s golden, and it’s oh so ’grammable. Yep, whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not, beauty boffins around the world are freaking out at the new beverage-coloured hair trend. But what the jeff is butterbeer hair, we hear you say. It’s shades of caramel cranked up with yellow and orange strands. This toasty colour is a go-to look for Potterheads everywhere, and we’re under its spell. Want a sip of the action? Here’s how.

These burnt-caramel colours look more delicious than a Werther’s Original.

And check out these fiery tones...

Let’s all head to the Three Broomsticks to order a mug of tasty butterbeer with this new ’do!

Ready to try butterbeer hair? Here’s how…

The butterbeer trend can be interpreted in so many wand-erful ways, but the simplest is to opt for the two-tone yellow/orange look. You’ll need Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Bold As Brass and Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Blorange. You’ll also need two mixing bowls and a tint brush.  

  1. Start by washing your hair with a colour-friendly shampoo – don’t use conditioner, which will prevent colour absorption – then towel-dry it.
  2. Squeeze a dollop of the brass colour into one bowl and the orange into the other.
  3. Tie half of your hair up into a bun and let the other half hang loosely.
  4. Beginning at the roots, use your tint brush to coat the loose section of your hair with orange.
  5. Now for the next shade. Let the other section of your hair down and apply the brass colour to it, again starting at the roots.
  6. Leave for 30 mins, then rinse all the dye out of your hair with warm water.