One of the biggest beauty buzzwords of 2018 was green beauty – and the movement (thankfully) shows no sign of fading this year. With consumers opting for more environmentally mindful options when buying everything from clothes to food, it’s not surprising that beauty lovers quickly followed suit. But what exactly is green beauty? There’s no hard and fast legal definition of green beauty, so it’s open to interpretation, but here’s what we understand the concept to be – and what you should look out for if you’re planning to embrace nature a little more with your beauty purchases.

What’s in and what’s out

Green beauty conjures up images of coconuts, plants, naturally sourced oils and all the other bounty that comes from Mother Nature’s kitchen. When you’re on the hunt for green beauty products, keep an eye out for the kinds of ingredients that you’d be happy to use in the kitchen (like oats, nuts and oils) or, at the very least, things you know grow in the ground or the sea (algaes, plants and minerals).

What you don’t want in your basket are products containing harmful chemicals like silicones and parabens.

What are the benefits

Well, if you suffer with sensitive skin, switching your chemical-packed products for cleaner, greener alternatives will make the world of difference. Natural ingredients tend to be less harsh, so opting for them will give your skin what it needs without stripping away essential oils or causing too much irritation.

Green beauty products are also better for our planet. Using sustainably sourced natural ingredients will decrease any harmful footprint your beauty habits may be leaving on the globe.

Examples of green beauty products

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