Braids are on the top of our go-to list when our hair is being temperamental and refusing to cooperate (baaaaaasically most days of our lives then.) But while the popular style is a dream for our hair, we can’t say we’ve ever considered it when our brows decide they aren’t on speaking terms. Until now.

Because braided BROWS have sent social media into a frenzy thanks to Makeup artist Eros Gomez, and we kinda dig them. Unlike squiggly brows, we think they’re definitely a more wearable trend.

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He shared the intricate look on his Insta page which was double tapped over 170k times. But unfortunately, our excitement was short lived when he confessed the braids were created with a helping hand from none other than our good ol’ friend Photoshop.

He captioned his post: 'What the f*#%k are curvy brows? I only know braided brows! P.S. This is totally a joke, Please dont take it seriously!!!! The braid has been edited on since my brow hairs are not long enough to braid, believe me I tried.' OWWWW.

However, where there’s a will there’s a way and this of course didn’t deter the beauty experimentalists of Instagram from creating them IRL. And we are super impressed.

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One thing’s for sure…2017 is the year of barmy brows!