Junior Beauty Writer Mollie Hammond put the new Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tanning Foam to the test

Let’s just say, I’m a slave to the fakey T. For as long as I can remember, Fake Tan Thursdays have been a weekly fixture, and despite standing starkers in the freezing cold so I can cover all those hard-to-reach areas, it’s worth it every time.

However, what CAN be annoying is having to set aside the time to allow my tan to develop, which can take up to eight hours. Many a time I’ve bailed on thirsty Thursday drinks, due to prior arrangements I ‘just can’t get out of’. In other words, I’m about to go home and cover myself in brown mousse for at least four hours and watch crime documentaries.

So, when the Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tanning Foam landed on my desk, claiming to give the darkest self-tan in just one hour, I hoped my prayers had been answered. Was it really possible to look as if I’d just spent the week in Puerto Banus without stepping a foot outta Peckham? And in the time it takes to watch a single episode of Criminal Minds? There was only one way I was gonna find out…

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After giving my bod a good exfoliation and allowing my moisturiser to sink in, I was ready. The tan went on really well, and it took only 10 mins to cover my entire body. The first thing you need to be aware of is how dark it looks on your skin at this stage. My boyfriend practically jumped out of his skin when he first saw me and refused to come near (the fact he’s a major drama queen didn’t help). But you don’t need to freak out – it won’t look like this once you wash it off.

Here’s the second tip: if you’re extremely heavy handed like me, don’t apply the tan when standing on a carpeted floor. My housemate is still asking me what the hell the brown marks are that have appeared on his carpet. That’s what you get for taking the room with the sliding full-length mirror, hun.


After an hour (I know, just a single hour!), I showered off the tan to reveal a natural-looking golden glow. In the morning, the tan had deepened, and by the time I’d got to work, the compliments were coming in thick and fast.

‘Wow, Mollie, your tan looks great. What did you use?’ they cried. Well, let me tell you, I announced, while finger-gun-winking through the office, it’s all about the new Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tanning Foam.

It’s been five days since I used the tan and I haven’t felt the need to reach for more of the fake stuff. As a girl who’s tried every fake tan on the market, I feel you can put your trust in me when I say this one is worth every penny. 

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