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How to choose a blusher that flatters your skin tone – Superdrug
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How to choose a blusher that flatters your skin tone

When it comes to perfecting your base, a barely-there flush of colour is key for warming up your complexion. But with so many shades of blusher to choose from, picking the best shade for your skin tone can be overwhelming.

The good news is… we’ve nailed down the rules you need to follow, to find the shade that suits your skin best (no clownish colour involved!) and stay at the top of your blush game.

Blusher for fair skin

If your skin is fair or porcelain, you’re no stranger to a rosy and freckly complexion, especially when you’ve spent a bit of time in the sun. You need to choose a colour that mimics your natural flush, or one that’s similar to the colour of the inside of your lip. May sound strange, but it works. A pale pink colour will add the subtle pop of colour to your cheeks that you’ve been looking for – winner!


Blusher for medium skin tones

If your skin is medium-toned, you’ve got options. You can add a pop of colour with a rosy-pink tone or bring out your skin’s natural warmness with an apricot or peach-toned blush (the golden undertones will look seriously dreamy on your skin). Stick with a shade that has a slight shimmer, as totally matte products may drain your complexion and leave it looking flat.


Blusher for olive skin

It can be difficult to find a blusher that suits olive skin perfectly because of its green undertones. Using warm tones, like a peach or bronze, will make olive skin look super-fresh and radiant. Want to add extra glow? Use a cream product to add dewiness.

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Blusher for dark skin

As dark skin can hold up extra well to pigment, using bold shades is a must (cool shades may make your skin look ashy). Try a hot-pink, tangerine or raisin shade on the hollows of your cheeks to make them pop.

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Do you have any tips on finding the perfect shade of blush? We'd love to hear from you!

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