Are you familiar with Blue Monday? That day towards the end of January when the weather is pants and you’ve run out of all the monies. Yep, it’s the worst. But it’s not all doom and gloom, because TOWIE star Harry Derbidge is about to cheer us up. He reckons the trick to beating the blues is a serious pampering sesh…

Brighten up your bath time

When you’ve had a rough day, there’s nothing like a bath sesh. Bath salts get rid of dry, flaky skin and work to relax your muscles. Grab a handful of the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Body Scrub and rub onto your skin. Bath salts also work to soften skin, so pay extra attention to any dry areas, like your knees, elbows and heels. Rinse off and smell that sweet, sweet vanilla aroma.  

Wanna add some extra pizzazz? Add some Bubble T Bath Confetti Push Pop Rainbow Tea to the tub. Just pop into the bath under running water and watch the colours swirl around.

Treat your skin

For a bright glow that keeps the blues away, apply a pea-sized amount of B. Glowing Booster to your skin. The formula is packed with Australian limes and designed to give your skin that little boost it needs.

Of course, a pamper-time essential is the face mask. If you are looking to calm stressed skin, apply a thick layer of the Optimum PhytoCalm by Superdrug Midnight Moisture Mask to your face and massage into the skin. Remove the excess with a cloth after 5-10 mins.

The finishing touch? Close your eyes and spray the B. Comforted Camomile Facial Spritz over your skin. It will refresh your face straightaway and make your skin feel more comfortable.

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Butter up

There’s nothing like emerging from a hot bath and lathering up in moisturiser. Apply a generous amount of the Superdrug We Heart Cocoa Butter all over your body, focusing on any dry areas.

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