Glitter has made its way into pretty much every crevice of our lives this summer. Glitter lips, glitter braids… you name it, we’ve tried it. Festivals have seen their fair share of the sparkly stuff, but we have to say that after two days of camping out with little access to washing facilities, perfectly placed body gems and fuzzy armpits don’t make for a very glam pair.

That is… until now. Blogger @sophiehannahrichardson took to her Insta feed to debut a genius new look. Enter, glitter armpits.

As much as we don’t want to love it, we admit this look is great for when your ’pit hair has grown out a little at a festival and you want to conceal it in the most glam way possible.

Sophie starts by brushing hair gel onto her armpits with a large foundation brush, before dabbing on the glitziest of glitters and leaving to dry. We’ll defo be trying this one out for an alternative festival look.

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