Forget Coachella, it’s Beychella that’s sent everyone into a complete FRENZY. Not only did she bring out Solange, Jay Z and DESTINY’S BLOOMIN’ CHILD (still completely shook) she delivered one of the most epic performances we’ve ever seen.

Now, although we can’t gift you with the ability to drop it down low while powerfully hitting every note on the musical scale like the Queen herself, what we CAN do is tell you the EXACT mascara she was wearing while doing it. And that’s just as good, right?

Her makeup artist Sir John, whose been nailing all her makeup looks for the last 7 years, said ‘I wanted her to look like a college girl on campus’ so he went for the L’Oreal Paradise Mascara. Oh, and just a heads-up guys, it’s only £9.99!!!!! (Freaking out here.)

Well, if it’s good enough for Queen B…

L'Oreal Paris L’Oreal Castor Oil-Enriched Paradise Volumising Mascara £11.99 Buy Now