Beyoncé graced Sunderland with her presence earlier this week, and tonight and tomorrow she’s hitting Wembley. But – unlucky for us – we didn’t manage to get hold of a ticket. So if you didn’t get lucky either, here’s what you’ll be missing out on…

The outfit changes

We’ve lost count of all the outfits Beyoncé somehow finds time to change into throughout the show, but we’re in love with her entire tour wardrobe, from the black embellished number paired with knee-high, black-and-gold zebra-print boots to that red faux-fur coat (which surely she must get SO HOT in while she’s strutting her stuff!). We also love the all-black ensemble she wears, with a hat so big that Pharrell would probably be jealous. And, as usual, she looks amazing in everything. Oh, to be Beyoncé. Sigh.

The songs

Not only is she doing lots of songs from her new album, Lemonade – opening with Formation – but there’s a load of classics in the mix, too. There’s Run The World (Girls), Halo, and a Crazy In Love/Bootylicious remix, along with Survivor, a Destiny’s Child classic that no Beyoncé concert would ever be complete without.

The dance moves

Beyoncé is renowned for her incredible dancing, and – dare we say it? – her moves are better than ever this time. Seriously, she’s not messing around – we can’t begin to guess at the number of choreography sessions she and her team of dancers must have worked in prep for the tour. We were in awe watching this vid. Like, how is it possible to do that much dancing? The only explanation is that she’s superhuman, obvs.

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