When it comes to lippy, does it get more classic than red? No, we don’t think so! No matter your skin tone, everyone can pull off a beautiful red lip. Yes, everyone - even those out there who are adamant it's not for them and here’s why…

Red lipsticks come in both warm and cool shades, which is what makes them so versatile. So, you need to match the shade of the lipstick to the undertone of your skin to make it work.  Warmer colours have orange and brown undertones while cooler colours have blue undertones.

Top tip:

Not sure which undertone your lipstick has?  Try holding it against your teeth. If the lipstick makes your teeth look brighter, then you have a cool-toned lipstick, if you can’t see a massive difference, then you have a warmer one.

Red Lipstick for Fair Skin

Fair skin looks gorgeous with a bold red lip, and blue-based is the way to go – anything orange-y will make your skin look sallow. If you’re a pale princess, deep, cool reds are the ones for you.

Two females with pale skin and red lipstick
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Red Lipstick for Olive Skin

Warm is the way for all you olive-toned folks out there. Reds with an orange, brown or berry bases will bring out the golden undertones of your skin and make you look like a tanned goddess!

Two models with olive skin and red lipstick
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Red Lipstick for Darker Skin

If you’ve got warmth mixed in with your melanin, cranberry or mulberry reds will work well against your skin and look stunning.

Need more help finding your perfect rouge for darker skin tones? Check out our top tips here.

Two females with darker skin and red lips
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